Football Pools

Reinvigorating a legacy brand for new audiences

Getting the brand balance right between old and new


The Football Pools required a new sub-brand identity to engage a younger audience, together with an own-branded free-to-play product and customer acquisition tool. The challenge was to take the legacy brand into a new space, while retaining important elements of a long-established heritage.


By mapping the brand and product ambitions against digital and financial goals, competitor and customer drivers, RCA identified the opportunity for ‘The Pools’ and ‘Footie 5’. Our creative process took potential brand routes, each with their own distinct narrative, and visualised execution across digital platforms and print advertising to bring the concepts to life.


Our creative routes got the balance right – a new sub-brand with a history; and a new product that could compete in a busy marketplace. Our brand bible now guides the marketing roadmap to ensure consistent execution across all channels; a custom social editorial schedule and library of editable campaign templates provides the foundations for member communications.

Key Takeouts
  • Helping to grow the business digitally – a new brand for new audiences
  • Retaining the same heritage, and same values, but with a different take
  • Consistent brand placement across every communications channel and touchpoint
  • Providing internal and third-party teams with all the tools to manage design execution
Alison Laverick
Head of Marketing
Football Pools

You have delivered exactly what we asked for, taking the sub-brand from a safe space to the unknown with your conceptualisation routes – we are very pleased with the output. You got the right balance between old and new and getting the two brands to work together.