Carousel Group

Conceiving two tier-1 gaming identities

Curating a stand-out global brand family


Carousel Group, the new kid on the block in the regulated gaming space, appointed RCA to create a sticky family of new gaming brands. Truly differentiating the new-to-market brands to achieve longevity, and win hearts and minds, required best-in-class customer experience-led design thinking.


Using our set of unique tools to populate the RCA brand identity equation (a sum of parts that adds up to a whole) we recommended and validated creative routes for each platform. Refining each brand identity involved ideating execution across every touchpoint – to be translatable across many regions, many countries, many currencies, many languages, many channels.


Our output began with identity creation and delivering on brand placement for the full suite of customer-facing and B2B affiliate marketing tools and assets. We continue to partner with Carousel Group to creatively direct the global launch of, and curate the brand DNA for next-to-launch

Key Takeouts
  • Delivering on a ‘soup to nuts’ brand and marketing partnership
  • Alignment of a brand promise with the actual brand experience to build an emotional connection
  • Creating a unique mix of authenticity, tone of voice, personality and positioning
  • Consistent brand placement across every communications channel and touchpoint
Daniel Graetzer
Carousel Group

We’ve been working with a really strong branding agency called RCA out of the UK and we’ve been trying to inject a lot of personality into the brands, so they’re not just a generic website, they’re not a portal website, not a place you just go to get information. They’re places that live and breathe sports betting and racing, they’re for enthusiasts.