All-in Diversity Project

Annual report design to show and tell the story

Helping All-In Diversity communicate annual findings


The All-Index is the definitive benchmarking tool for global Diversity & Inclusion and workplace equality. The All-Index enables organisations to navigate the challenge of upholding inclusive values globally and make progress towards workplace equality, no matter where in the world they operate. With a wealth of data, statistics and findings to communicate to members, the report required a new visual language to enhance readability, flow and statement impact.


Reviewing previous reports for design layout styling, information architecture and visually interpretive elements, RCA delivered a set of recommendations to uplift the creative execution. This included branding elements, data visualisations, pull-out styling, iconography, graph and table design. The aim, to ensure brand consistency while adding weighted emphasis to headline findings.


Enhancing the look and feel required RCA to create a set of global design principles for the report, standardising the treatment for each content type and element. Flowing through section by section, we were able to bring to the fore a new creative direction that sits squarely within the existing brand identity – while emphasising headline findings of the most importance to readers.

Key Takeouts
  • Creating a new look and feel for report design, within the existing brand identity
  • Auditing the full set of report components, and creating global design principles
  • Rolling-out new styling to include visual interpretation of headline stats
  • Adding weighted emphasis to key findings for stand-out readability
Kelly Kehn
All-in Diversity Project

Working with Random Colour Animal on our annual report was an absolute pleasure. The team was professional and worked to our timelines as outlined. It takes a special team to produce a high-quality document that is clear, easy to read and visually appealing and Random Colour Animal did just that. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you especially to Jill and Charlotte for all their hard work and effort.