Inside The Pocket

Branding a free-to-play sports gaming platform for US launch

Creating a strong identity for a new-to-market proposition


Inside The Pocket is a new-to-market end-to-end partner for sports gaming on mobile. It harnesses the power of free-to-play games, with a white-label platform that enables operators to create a dynamic, tailored gaming experience to build brand loyalty – by going big on in-game excitement and post-play rewards.


A key part of building a brand identity creation is running a robust Discovery process. It was critical to understand the positioning for Inside The Pocket – through product, market, competitor, audience, launch and growth territory lenses. Further, to harness a love of the game – the thrill of the win – to capture the sports fan experience at the heart of the platform’s unique proposition within the brand essence and on a global stage.


Conveying a sense of motion became an important aspect of the brand’s aesthetic. We incorporated gradients and utilised angles to help drive the consumer’s eye forward, aligned to the way Inside The Pocket is driving forward in the free-to-play content aggregation space.

In line with the platform’s ability to enhance live-action sports fan experiences, we championed imagery to capture a mid-game moment – a creative look and feel designed to bring the consumer courtside. The new brand ident was rolled out across a broad range of assets – a new website, brand playbook, decks for investment and sales, social and corporate stationery packs.

Key Takeouts
  • Creating a brand identity for a new-to-market platform
  • Cementing the brand’s culture as forward-thinking and diverse
  • Full UX/UI design and content creation of B2B commercial website that is aligned to the ITP platform.
  • Rolling out the visual language across a wide range of collateral
Hussain Naqi
Founder and CEO
Inside The Pocket

“Starting a business is a roller coaster ride – the lows feel pretty low, and the highs are true highlights. Unequivocally, working with RCA stands out as a highlight. I have had many agency relationships in my time, and what those relationships have underscored is the how important it is to know your agency is a true partner and has your back thinking about your problems as if they’re their own. RCA did that in spades coming with thoughts and recommendations, and not just questions and issues.”

“RCA was amazing about building Inside the Pocket a full branding package that has opened doors and impressed everyone who has seen it. It can be difficult for a startup to gain credibility at first sight. RCA’s outstanding work has provided Inside the Pocket with just such an advantage. I am deeply grateful to Jo, Charlotte, Andy, and the rest of the team. They were great partners and pros!”