Green Crop Information

Rebranding a valuable agricultural membership resource

Integrating GCI into the Dyson Farming portfolio


Green Crop Information provides independent insight for intelligent decision-making in crop management. Part of Dyson Farming, it provides an expert resource library (with a 30-year archive) to help forward-thinking farmers achieve better productivity and enhanced profitability – as well as adopt a smarter approach to sustainability.


The GCI portal provides access to the latest science, data, ideas and thinking for its members – an authoritative evidence base to optimise all aspects of crop management activity. Becoming part of the Dyson Farming group required a brand evolution; a new identity that sits effortlessly within the wider brand family, while conveying the ethos that in crop management small changes make big differences.


The creative look and feel centred on GCI becoming a branch of Dyson Farming. The brand mark fuses three standalone icons representing research, crops and togetherness, into one single iconographic emblem. The colour palette of earthy, natural tones tying directly to the roots of GCI’s subject matter and expertise.

Designing and building the new website gave RCA to opportunity to deconstruct the logo and use brand elements to create a truly unique look and feel. Combining with close-up natural world photography, this created an organic flow to information and content, showcasing the easy accessibility of membership resources.

Key Takeouts
  • Evolving a brand identity to join an established brand family
  • Ideating a creative direction that delivers brand substance, and a strong story
  • Creating an end-to-end visual brand language
  • Delivering a new digital destination and member experience