Black Cow Technology

Upping the brand game to milk the mastery

Elevating the creative identity to match technical excellence


Offering a market leading RGS (Remote Game Server) platform called OGA (The Open Gaming Architecture), Black Cow Technology are masters of iGaming innovation. They give game developers, operators and aggregators full end-to-end control and ownership – avoiding costly platform fees, and lengthy wait times for game builds.

To level up with its best-in-class product offering, the Black Cow Technology brand needed a revamp… an evolved creative identity and set of key messages that scream technical excellence, speed, ownership, and flexibility. A brand where innovation has no limits, and partners can de-risk their destiny.


Holding a kick-off workshop, we engaged Black Cow Technology in the full brand discovery process, understanding the key differentiators, pain-points in commercial dialogue, what drives the brand, what qualities sit at its core, and what the future looks like. The output generated a clear path for visual evolution – moving forward with digital brights for energy and impact (and a subtle nod to colour in code), ownable shapes as brand building blocks for asset roll-out, and a modernised typeface to inject approachability into a complex tech offering.   


RCA worked in total partnership with the company founders to refine the concept through to a final design route; in tandem with solidifying key messages and visualising the wider roll-out of the brand across the full suite of assets. We delivered the complete package comprising logo pack (artworked in all iterations), brand bible, sales deck, social media headers, designed social graphics incorporating key messages, business cards and a new website with a secure partner login demo area.

Key Takeouts
  • Reinvigorating brand storytelling to inject real-life problem/solution statements
  • Evolving the visual brand ID for max impact and stand-out
  • Delivering an out-of-the-box suite of branded assets for coordinated re-launch
  • Creating a digital destination with password-restricted partner login zone
Tony Plaskow
Commercial Director
Black Cow Technology

“We’re really happy with our new brand identity, and suite of assets – but we also genuinely enjoyed being part of the creative process with RCA too. It’s a world away from what we do at Black Cow!

“From the first workshop where we revisited things like our brand values, USPs and core messages, to collaborating with the design team to decide on our brand palette… it’s given us a real sense of ownership of how we present ourselves to the world.

“We also loved the irony of ‘Black Cow meets Random Colour Animal’… it had all the makings of a great partnership from the outset.”