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Building and growing brands with unique purpose, resilience to change and structure for growth.

What we do

At Random Colour Animal, we build and grow adaptive brands for companies who want to codify or optimise their DNA and create strong lasting relationships with people (internal and external) across all touchpoints.

Thinking first: We create brand foundations (vision, values, visual identity, architecture, tone of voice) and define its contextual meaning and positioning.

Creative next: We map the brand experience – identifying, creating and optimising touchpoints and channels to reach target audiences.

Then execution: We grow engagement with assets that tell the brand story; motivating people to think, feel or act via campaigns or persistent story-telling.

“Successful marketers in the year ahead will place brand purpose at the core of business and brand strategy and use it as a lever of growth with internal and external audiences.”

Ernst & Young
Purpose-led brands, 2017

Why is this important?

Today’s brands need to cross boundaries of category, country and audience. They have to talk about different things to different people, at different times and in different ways across multiple touchpoints…

We create adaptive brand identities with the agility to respond to changing needs and market conditions. Our approach marries the long-term brand vision and philosophy with multiple and shorter-term go-to-market propositions.

We exist to build and grow brands with unique purpose, resilience to change and structure for growth. Why? Because static, unadaptable, un-purposeful brands represent 1980 not 2020.

We align business goals and activities with a brand identity and purpose that matters… a brand story that generates internal alignment, conveys value to the outside world and delivers on its promise.

By choreographing communications across channels (digital, social, offline) and touchpoints (customer journeys), we grow brand engagement with authentic, engaging and empowering content and design to create lasting emotional connections with people.

Our experience

We are a team of brand experts with over 100 years’ collective experience delivering brand strategy projects across a range of sectors nationally and internationally.

We support clients operating in the corporate, B2B and B2C markets, and are totally comfortable working in partnership with brand and marketing directors, managers and teams; business owners and business development directors; creative and digital heads.

Our work

We work with clients that include:

  • New businesses coming to market
  • Brands that need re-invigorating or unifying
  • Organisations launching new services and initiatives
  • Companies undergoing change programmes and major events

We help them to:

  • Launch a new brand or expand the portfolio
  • Leverage brand equity to enter new markets
  • Unify internal teams and stakeholders to live the brand
  • Differentiate an offer against the competition

How we do it

We help brands and companies create strong lasting relationships with people (internal and external) and manage that engagement. Whether a holistic or specific brand challenge, clients are able to engage with us in a modular way.

Over and above world-class creativity and design skill, we take a practical approach to client engagement, working in partnership to maximise return on investment – and only in areas we feel we can bring significant value.

We work, as you would in agile product development, on creating minimum viable propositions and testing and curating these based on human interaction until they are fully-fledged, living breathing brand experiences which meet strategic objectives.

Module 1: Brand Identity

We undertake Design Discovery and analysis to map the brand DNA and architecture, its positioning in the market, and growth and sales objectives. Distilling the unique proposition, purpose and values we create the brand story, visual identity, personality and all associated documents and assets.

Module 2: Brand Experience

We imagine how the brand will be used and the experience it will create for different audiences, by identifying, creating and optimising the right channels, platforms and touchpoints (digital, offline) and plotting best-timed interactions.

Module 3: Brand Engagement

We grow brand engagement by producing high quality cross-channel campaigns, assets and tools that tell the story of the brand, improve reach and communication and increase engagement and conversion. These can be campaign based or more persistent growth-related activities.

Our recent work

A few of our clients

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Unit One, Robertsons Boatyard, Lime Kiln Quay, Woodbridge, Suffolk. IP12 1BD

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